Under no circumstances, will free admission be granted to the Moor unless in situations absolutely satisfying Gatemen.


Any person contesting that admission should not have been charged may seek reimbursement from us, on cause shown and bearing proof of payment, within 14 days from 9th June 2016.

Any unclaimed tickets will be allocated elsewhere


Please note, attendance at all licensed events is restricted to over 18’s.


Registered Scottish Charity Number SC038913

All proceeds from admission to races are for fund raising purposes for the benefit of future Hawick Common-Ridings.


Tickets of any nature not uplifted from us by 3.00 p.m. on Wednesday 1st June will be allocated elsewhere.



It is the sole responsibility of the owner of any horse which may be injured or fatally injured during the Ceremonial rides, i.e. The Chases, Riding of the Common on the Friday and Saturday or on the Racecourse, to incur any costs which may be required for veterinary treatment or the removal of fatally injured horses. The Committee have requested the attendance of a vet and fallen stock service at the Racecourse.


Frankie and Janette Scott

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