50 year Cornet -50 year Cornet

This years Jubilee Cornet is Carswell Imrie a staunch follower of the Common Riding.He first started following the Cornet in 1960 and became a Mosstrooper in 1962. He was secretary of this club for ten years and he was also secretary of the Ex Cornets and Ex Acting Fathers association for ten years.

Carswell started life in the Howegate and attended Hawick High School both primary and secondary. the Imrie family moved to Burnfoot in 1952 and Carswell was elected as Cornet from the family home in Eildon Road. He was Kirked in Burnfoot Church and is the only Cornet to have been Kirked there.

Carswell started his working life with Welch the accountants and retired from the Civil Service in 2008.

Back in 1966 Carswell was ably supported by his lass Helen Hall his now wife of forty six years.Helen is looking forward to celebrating their Golden Jubilee with family and friends.

The Acting Father in 1966 was John Lyle (Jake) supported by his wife Alice.

We wish Carswell and Helen all the best for this years Common Riding and are sure it will bring back happy memories of their year in office.


25 Year Cornet -

25 Year Cornet - I can’t believe it has been 25 years! I had great times at rides out dinners and of course meeting principals from other towns who I still keep in touch with 25 years on. I was saddened to hear when Kelso Laddie Keith Riddell passed away in March 2002, he was ‘one of the best’. I am looking forward to going to Kelso on Bonchester Ride out night to celebrate his 25 years, we had some great times together over the years and is sadly missed.

I was deeply honoured to be asked to be Cornet in 1991 and must thank Ex-Cornets Colin Murray and John Douglas for puting their trust inme and I think they took great pleasure in trying to wind me up at different functions. But believe me when the job was to be done they made sure it was done properly.

My Acting Father in 1991 was local businessman, Robert Charters, who, along with his wife Helen, carried out their duties with great passion anddignity and I hope this year brings back many happy memories of 25 years ago.

It’s also a big year because my friend Tony Reilly’s son Euan is going to be Cornet and I would like to wish all the best to the Reilly and Chalmers families, as I have been friends with both families since I was a boy and that was not yesterday!."

Hope the sun shines on you all and all the townsfolk rally roond and have a great 2016, all the best.

Our Silver Jubilee Cornet’s Lass is Jackie Hope, eldest daughter of Ex-Cornet John and Lil. We would like to wish Jackie and the girls, Carly and Chloe, a wonderful Common-Riding and hope this year will rekindle happy memories of 25 years ago.



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