50 year Cornet -50 year Cornet

The 50year Cornet for 2015 is Robert Pringle, a staunch follower of the Common-Riding from an early age. His father, also Robert, was Acting Father to Cornet Bert Scott ... another butcher!.

A well-respected business man, Robert ran the family butchers until handing over to his sons, James and Robert who was Cornet in 1994.

His Cornet's Lass was Catherine Peden (now Johnson) who carried out her duties with charm and dignity to the delight of everyone. Catherine looks forward to celebrating her golden jubilee year accompanied by her son Paul.

The Acting Father and Mother for 1965 needed no introduction as Bill and Peggy Hutton were true Common-Riding supporters and a very popular choice. It was a case of history repeating itself with yet another "butcher's Common-Riding!.

in 1989, Robert and his wife Anna (Dickey) were the choice of Cornet John Douglas as his Acting Father and Mother in what proved a wise and, again, popular choice.

We Wish the Pringle family all the best and happy memories will surely come flooding back.


25 Year Cornet -

25 Year Cornet - Its hard to believe that its been 25 years since I was elected to be Cornet on a hot may night back in 1990. It was a great Honour for me and thanks again must go to John Douglas and Stuart Farrish for putting their trust in me and my Lass Sandra to be Principals for 1990.

From election night to rides out to dinners and, of course, the Common-Riding Weekend, we will never forget it and all the support from Hawick folk.

Many new friends were made during the summer of 1990 amoung the principals from other towns. Sandra and I still keep in touch with a few and hope to catch up with them all this year. We are really looking forward to our 25th aniversary along with our Acting Father and Acting Mother Bert and Olive Duff.

This year will also be extra special for Sandra and I as our friends, Richie and Lynne, are this years Acting Father and Mother. My Daughter Brodie has been asked by Lynne to be a Maid of Honour which she is really excited about. Also, my son Lyle has become a member of the 1514 Club and will be attending his first dinner with me which he is lookingh forward to. I think Sandra and Lynne are a little apprehensive about Richie and myself being involved in so many functions this year becase when we get together it usually ends up in a very late night or early morning! There could a few of these, if Richie "twists na airm."

We would like to wish the new Cornet, his Lass and their families all the best for 2015.

Lets hope the sun shines on all Hawick folk this year and we'll see you at the Mair. All the best from Colin, Sandra, Lyle and Brodie.



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